3 Tips For Phase 1 Of The HCG Diet

13 April, 2010
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Understanding the purpose of Phase 1 is very important and is key to a smooth transition into Phase 2 (the low calorie portion of the diet).

Phase one is what I call the “Binge Phase.” It lasts for two days, during which you take .5mL of the Liquid HCG drops three times a day but also eat whatever you want, particularly things that are high in fat.

It may sound counterproductive but what you’re doing is filling your normal fat cells to capacity so that you have more nutrients available to the body during phase 2. This helps alleviate hunger, particularly at the very beginning when it’s most common. This is a crucial time because your body is taking the HCG into the bloodstream and getting the message out, so to speak, that the fat-loss process is beginning.

Many people have a tendency to skip this phase in fear that they may gain a couple of pounds.  The reality is that any weight gain made in the binge period will be lost within the first 48 hours of phase 2.  Don’t worry!  We have seen some people gain even as much as 5-6 pounds in phase 1 and they are lost in the first day or two of phase 2.

Tips For Success In Phase 1 Of The Liquid HCG Diet

  1. Enjoy The Binge – During these two days eat the foods that you know you’ll miss the most during Phase 2.
  2. Take Acetyl L-Carnitine – This is an amino acid that helps convert fat into fuel.  It helps prevent muscle tissue from being lost and promotes lean muscle mass.  It also helps to increase your metabolism and helps your body burn fat.
  3. Eat 5-6 Meals Per Day – When you eat throughout the day it keeps your metabolism running high and helps to release abnormal fat reserves.  The HCG will start working with the release of these fats which kick-starts the whole process.

Good Luck on the diet and stay committed… keep the end goal in mind.  8)

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