Approved HCG Foods

19 February, 2010
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Following an approved HCG foods list is a key component to succeeding on the Liquid HCG Diet program. It is a “clean diet” of lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. No processed foods or sauces that are packed with sugar. Different versions exist because some companies have chosen to stay with the same HCG foods list as the original protocol that Dr. Simeons put together over 50 years ago. We have evolved our protocol and have expanded our HCG foods list, making it the most feasible, comprehensive, and modern HCG foods list available. Choosing your daily menu from this list will help you achieve your weight loss goals – and can also teach you how much better “clean eating” feels.

Each food on the list was chosen for the following reasons:

  • Nutritional Value (Calorie content, starch, sugars)
  • Your body’s ability to process each of these foods
  • To give your body the necessary nutrients to make a VLCD (very low calorie diet) safe and effective.

There may be foods that would seem okay but will not appear on the list. Certain foods are left out due to higher sugar or starch content (grapes, carrots, etc.) but there are many foods that people can incorporate into this diet (organic turkey, miracle noodles, cottage cheese, etc.) and still have success on the program. They are not put on the Approved HCG Foods list because they can cause weight loss to slow down or even stall completely in some people. These are what we call “caution foods.” A complete phase 2 Approved HCG Foods list is included in our Succeeding with HCG manual that you get with your drops.

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