Are you considering the HCG Diet? UPDATED

22 June, 2011

Webinar – 6/21/2011

If you have been considering the HCG diet then this webinar, hosted on 6/21/11, by Dr. Finsand is something you can’t miss!!

During this webinar, Dr. Humble Finsand, chiropractic physician and co-owner of Liquid HCG Diet covered the health risks of obesity, the science and side effects of the HCG Diet, and how to do the diet with maximum results. A MUST for anyone considering HCG for weight loss!

Download Entire Webinar (Right click to download – MP4 Video File)

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2 thoughts on “Are you considering the HCG Diet? UPDATED

  1. I am really interested in trying the HCG Diet and would love to order…Are there any promotions to help with the price…..Money is a little tight but I still would love to be able to do this diet. I would appreciate ANY info.


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