Transition From HCG Phase 2 To Amino Diet

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

You can now go right onto The Amino Diet after phase 2 of the HCG Diet and continue losing weight!

Phase 3 has is often a struggle for many HCG dieters. Many like the structure and guidelines of phase 2, and some have more pounds to lose and don’t want to take a break between rounds. The Amino Diet is the solution! You can transition directly from phase 2 of the HCG diet onto The Amino Diet with no delay and YES you can continue to lose weight! You will increase your calories and broaden your food choices but maintain the structure of the HCG diet while still losing pounds and inches!

What is the Amino Diet?

Dr. Finsand worked closely with internationally renowned doctors of homeopathic medicine to develop a diet plan that produce rapid weight loss results and introduces clean eating in a simple to follow way. The Amino Diet combines daily supplementation of the exclusive Amino Diet Plus oral drops with a balanced menu to produce rapid weight loss, speed up metabolism, and much more. This plan works for anyone who has just a few pounds to lose or has over 100 pounds to lose; and the best part is… you will keep it off.

The Phases of the Amino Diet

Similar to the HCG Diet, The Amino Diet is broken down into phases but there are some differences. There is no longer a loading phase but rather phase 1 is the main weight loss phase and can last for up to 90 days. This is where you start eating clean and begin taking our Amino Diet Plus formulation. Phase 2 is the three weeks immediately following phase 1. The goal of this phase is to create a new weight set point that your body can easily maintain. The final “phase” 3 is when you make this a lifestyle. You are slowly adding back sugars and starches while eating a normal number of calories for your body weight. You can stay on the Amino Diet for up to 90 days and then repeat these the phases if you have not reached your weight loss goals. We have seen clients lose over 100 pounds by repeating these phases.

Same First Class Support From Trained Health Coaches

Time and time again we have seen people succeed on the HCG diet with the help of others going through the program as well as our trained health coaches. Throughout the Amino Diet you will have the support to help you succeed, but it doesn’t stop there. You can utilize the health coaches throughout phase 3 (lifestyle) to help you keep the weight off. Make sure you “LIKE” our Amino Diet Facebook page to continue getting the same first class support whether you are on the Amino Diet or finishing your rounds on the HCG Diet.

The Amino Diet will begin shipping on January 2nd, 2012 and will be available for orders soon!

We’d love to talk to you and answer any questions that you have. Give us a call at 1-800-980-7208.


Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Fats have gotten a bad reputation in the past for being unhealthy, but did you know that there are actually fats out there that are good for you?  Healthy fats are monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and fats that are high in Omega-3s.  When it comes to these healthy fats, they should make up about 30% of your daily calories once you have completed the Liquid HCG Diet. The following foods are rich in these fats:

  • Olive oil
  •  Almonds and other nuts
  • Avocados
  • Fatty fish like salmon, herring, trout, tuna, mackerel and sardines 
  • Seeds such as flaxseed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds
  • Coconut oil is a saturated fat but carries great health benefits as well, just be sure to eat the organic non-hydrogenated type. 

Now the bad fats that you want to always avoid are trans-fats.  These are what you will find in commercially baked products such as muffins, cookies, cakes and packaged snack foods.  They are also found in fried foods as well.   The biggest thing you have probably already learned while being on LHCG is to READ YOUR LABELS!  This will be one of the healthiest habits you can get into doing!  Continue this for the rest of your life.  It is so important to be knowledgeable about what you are putting into your body as well as your families.  Health Coaches are available to answer any questions that you may have at 800-980-7208.

What is a Steak Day?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

There are actually two different types of steak days.  The phase 2, mini-steak day and the phase 3 steak day.  (more…)

Conquer the Scale!

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

While you are on phase 2 and 3 of the Liquid HCG Diet, we recommend weighing NO MORE than one time per day. (more…)

Transitioning to Phase 3

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Once phase 2 ends, there tends to be a mixture of anxiety and excitement when entering into phase 3.  Many people are ecstatic with their losses but terrified of gaining it back, now that the comfort of following a strict diet is gone.  One of the first questions we get is: do I continue the VLCD for 3 days after stopping the drops?  On our protocol we suggest slowly increasing calories on your first day of P3. There is no set amount to increase – eat when you are hungry to avoid starvation mode, but don’t immediately go to 1500 calories and throw your body into shock. The best way to increase these calories is through proteins and vegetables. Add in a breakfast, snack on veggies throughout the day, and increase your serving sizes of protein at each meal.

The other question we get is: what can I eat now?  In phase 3, they key is to stay strictly away from sugars and starches and to add foods SLOWLY.  This doesn’t mean you can’t eat things that have sugar grams in it.  Dairy, fruits, etc… all naturally contain sugar.  What you need to look out for is sugar listed in the ingredients area on a products label.  If you see any sugars in the ingredients, it means that it has been added to the food.  Aside from the sugars and starches, you are pretty much free to try whatever you want.  This is the time to find out what causes your body to gain.  Take phase 3 slowly, get up to 1500 calories of the approved foods before adding any new ones. Also, try adding no more than 1-2 new foods a day, that way you can see what causes you to gain.

Remember that during Phase 3 you are eating a high amount of protein so this is the best time to begin excercising. We do offer a program that takes all the guess work out of Phase 3 and gives you a 12 week step by step program that includes menus and workouts. Check out our Phase 3 LIVE THE LIFE or call our health coaches for more information at 800-980-7208. Most important… don’t over stress phase 3! Be proud of what you’ve already accomplished and enjoy moving on!

Limited Training Time?

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Get the most from limited training time by choosing activities that use large muscle groups all at once.  The larger the muscle, the more energy the body uses to maintain it, which equates to a higher metabolism and less body fat.  Some of the largest muscle groups include (more…)

Eggs Keep You Healthy & Lean!

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

A study published in the February, 2010 issue of Nutrition Research has found that eating eggs helps stave off hunger and decrease overall caloric intake.  Men who ate eggs for breakfast ate 112 less calories at lunch and 400 fewer calories (more…)

Do you have a plan for health?

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Often, people wait until they are sick or injured to take care of themselves, being over-weight is no exception.  As our lives become more and more complicated it’s easy to push aside proper health and nutrition with the countless items on our “To Do List”.  Soon, our bodies start to fatigue and injury and/or illness presents itself. (more…)

Circulate Your Blood!

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Your body has 60,000 miles of blood vessels! Exercise, not only builds your lean muscle but also maintains your flexibility and joint mobility, which in turn allows for better blood flow. Blood flow is important as it delivers (more…)

Osteoporosis & Women

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Two-thirds of the estimated 34 million Americans at risk of developing osteoporosis are women. The disease can lead to bone fracture, reduced mobility and even death. Women age 65 and over who had been screened for osteoporosis increased from 34% in 2001 to 64% in 2006. (more…)