Common HCG Abbreviations

28 May, 2011
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Whether you are just starting on the HCG Diet or you are getting ready to purchase, you have probably seen a lot of acronyms and wondered what do they all mean. Here is a quick rundown of the basics:

  • HCG: Human Chorionic Gonodotropin is the key ingredient in our Amino Diet Plus+ drops which allow you to lose around a pound per day.
  • RPD: Round, Phase, Day. These are the most common ones you will see and let us know where a person is on the diet.
    • R = Round, this is the number of times you have done the diet (all phases).
    • P = Phase, this is the particular phase you are currently in.
    • D = Day, this is what day you are in on a particular phase.
    • Example: R2P2D33, This person is on their second round, in day 33 of phase 2.
  • TOM: Time of month. Another popular term for a woman’s menstruation.
  • VLCD: Very low calorie diet.  This is usually mentioned when talking about phase 2 of the program.
  • ACV: Apple cider vinegar is used to help with water retention.
  • LDW: Last diet weight, which is the weight that you were on your last day of the diet. This is helpful during phase 3 so you know to stay within 2 pounds of this weight.

And of course the most important….

LHCG: Liquid HCG Diet! Our health coaches are available on facebook and at 800-980-7208 to answer any questions that you have! Click here  if you are ready to get started on your weight loss journey today!!

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