Because participants will not feel excess hunger and generally have good energy levels, many HCG Dieters try to combine HCG and exercise. However, this can put your body into starvation mode, stripping the muscles of protein and amino acids. Besides being unhealthy, it will slow your weight loss and put you at risk of gaining the weight back. During a regular phase 2, very low calorie day, 20 minutes of walking, is the most recommended – but doing more than that has never been advised until now.

The Exclusive Liquid HCG Diet ACTIVE Program

The Liquid HCG ACTIVE program keeps the same approved foods but increases protein and calories on the days that you exercise. You can do a 30, 60, or 90 minute workout that can be a combination of aerobic and weight training, but keeps your heart rate in a target zone. This isn’t a free pass to run a marathon while on HCG, overdoing it is detrimental to your health and won’t help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The complete Liquid HCG ACTIVE program has been added to our “Succeeding with HCG” book that you get when you order.


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How Does The ACTIVE Plan Keep You Safe On HCG With Exercise?

On days that you choose to workout, follow the ACTIVE protocol and increase your calories and protein depending on the length of your workout. There is a specific way to increase that will allow your body to have the energy it needs to complete the workout without pulling from the lean muscle, while still allowing you to lose weight rapidly while on the HCG Diet.

Along with strictly following the Liquid HCG ACTIVE protocol, the key is our exclusive product: “Amino Diet Plus+” which has our original HCG formulation along with 3 amino acids to help convert food into fuel, and a 4th (tyrosine) that helps to kick start your metabolism. We have also added glandular support to boost the endocrine system, helping your Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Thyroid, and Adrenal Glands to function at their optimum levels. Each of these glands, when functioning normally, will assist in the weight loss process.

Doing an Active HCG program with un-enhanced “regular” HCG will make you lose lean muscle, slow your metabolism, and will increase the risk of gaining weight back after you complete the diet.

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23 thoughts on “HCG and Exercise

  1. I am looking at this program, 1 question I have is, I do not have a thyroid and I am dependant on medication for my thyroid levels. I understand that HCG works on metablolism, however I am missing part to the list above. HCG ACTIVE is want I am looking into. I do workout 6 days a week 2-3 hours per day, I do want to continue doing my workouts. Would HCG ACTIVE be for me???

  2. I am interested in starting this program but I have a physically demanding where i work 12 hour shifts and I’m constantly on my feet moving, not only that it is extremely hot there. Would these conditions have any adverse effects on this program?

    • We would work with you to increase your calories. You probably wouldn’t be able to do the regular VLCD but we can tailor it to increase calories and protein (similar to the active plan) so that you could follow the program and still lose weight.

  3. I’m getting ready to start my first HCG plan and have been looking at the HCG active plan. I can’t find anywhere that it suggests how many calories to add to my daily intake.

    • When you order the ACTIVE plan and the regular plan both come in your book because you can choose which plan to follow each day. We don’t list it out because exercising without our enhanced drops and without increasing your food in a specific way can be harmful and we never recommend exercising to anyone not following OUR ACTIVE plan.

  4. Hi!I just got the drops and had lost around 30 lbs at the begining of the year and now gained them back. I have been working out for a year from 3 to 4 days per week. I feel like my messurements have not gone up but im starting to feel the weight gain.Anyway, I wanted to ask wich program will help me loose more weight the regular or the active? I really do not want to do the active and not loose at least the 20 lbs… HELP PLEEEASE!!!

    • You will lose about the same with each program if you follow them correctly but the ACTIVE plan will keep your metabolism burning higher and will also allow you to tighten at the same time that you lose. If you have already been working out I would recommend doing the ACTIVE program.

  5. I purchased this program from my plastic surgeon’s office. All I received was a brochure with some instructions on it. How do I get the guides, etc to go with this. They told me I only get the brochure with my purchase. I paid $100.00 for the drops. Thanks.

  6. i am confused i just order the regular drops because i didnt see the active drops. i work out 2 to 3 times a week but only for an hour or hour and half will that affect anything? i want to loose 30 pounds.. i got the two bottle pack

  7. Do you have to order separate amino drops? or do you just increase your calories on the days you work out? I’m looking for separate drops for the ACTIVE program. Is there anything else I need to purchase besides drops to participate in the active program? thanks!

  8. Considering the HCG ACTIVE. I run 3 times a week and do full body weight workouts 2 times a week. I can’t rid of the stubborn fat. How many doses does each bottle have?

    • On the ACTIVE plan you do increase your drops on the days that you work out. That means that each bottle would last you about 21 days on the ACTIVE plan if you worked out every single day and a more depending on how many days you didn’t work out.

    • Hey Donna – there isn’t separate drops for ACTIVE program. There are 2 protocols but we send both of them to you when you order a kit. The great thing about the ACTIVE program is that you can choose which days you workout and follow ACTIVE and which days you follow the regular protocol.

  9. I exercise 6 days a week but I want to be on the hcg diet too. Will I have to stop exercising? I’m trying to lose 7 inches off my waist. I dont want to stop exercising.

    • As long as you are following the ACTIVE plan (which comes included in the regular kit) you can still exercise. There are guidelines for length and intensity of the workout so that you can keep it safe.

  10. Are you able to do weight training while you are on the hcg drops? Just wondering, so while you are losing you can tighten as well….

  11. I am looking at doing this but I run every night & on the weekends I do 3 Zumba classes where I burn over 600 claories per class. Is this going to be safe for me to do?

  12. i have one week without my hcg drops because i was going to start my pms. on the 5th but i havent been on my pms i am never late and i cant be prego. so, why is it that i am taking so long to get my pms

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