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Here at Liquid HCG Diet, we want to help you lose weight and stay motivated, so we've set up a way that we think can help. When someone loses weight, what is the best thing that person wants to hear hear or get? It's a complement of someone noticing and asking "have you lost weight?" or being able to say "I've Lost 5 lbs. so far". When you start your Liquid HCG Diet we want to give you the ability to tell people how much weight you've lost; Why? We want you to help motivate others and also get motivation from others who are loosing weight too.

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Create a "Share you Success Account" here. Fill in your information and visit Share your Success page and you'll be able to tell us how much you've lost so far and tell us a little about the how you're feeling and how long you've been on the diet. You'll be able to instanly share that with us on our site and then be able to send it to your friends to to show them how you're doing. Tell them on Facebook or via Twitter or any other way you'd like, just let them know so they can congratulate you, we know you're going to loose weight on Liquid HCG Diet

Check How it's going for others below.

Tina M – Down 10lbs in 11 days!

Down 10lbs in 11 days, hope it keeps falling off!!!:)

Amy Brandemuehl lost 90 lbs. so far Jan 22, 2012

As of today 90.2 lbs lighter since April 1 2010! Went from a size 24+/2xl to size 8/10. 6 short rounds and a totally new outlook on food. r6p2d21. Happy losing everyone

KRISTEN MILLER lost 16 lbs. so far Jan 25, 2012

I’ve lost 16 lbs. in 23 days. I’m thrilled!

KRISTEN MILLER lost 5 lbs. so far Jan 3, 2012

After 1 day on Phase 2, I have lost 5 lbs. 29 more to go!

Angela Schmidt lost 6 lbs. so far Dec 31, 2011

Morning of Day 3 (not including the 2 purge days) and I’m down 6 pounds so far. I am beyond happy! 19 pounds to my goal, and I’m commited to getting there!

Rebecca G – I can wear a size 12-13 now!!

Just got finished tying on some jeans… I can wear a size 12-13 now!!!!!! I cant believe it!! At the beginning of HCG I wouldn’t even wear jeans because I couldn’t find any that would fit, I stopped buying jeans at a size 30W and started wearing stretchy pants and maternity clothes… I am so amazed to see how HCG has changed my life!!! THANKS!

Shelly K. is down 12.8 pounds!

R1P2D13 (round 1, phase 2, day 13) down 12.8 pounds! WooHoo!

Lori M. is down 9.6 pounds!

daily(almost) check in….. R1P2D11 I am down 9.6lbs! I am definitely becoming a believer!

Julie M. is down 13 pounds!

R1P2D13 Down 13 lbs!!! So excited, loving the 1 to 1 ratio!

Ricardo A – maintained 38lbs

Been off the drops over a month, dropped and maintained 38lbs off.

Evelyn L. is maintaining her weight loss

R3P4D43 weigh in and maintaining at 1.2 lbs above LDW.

Steve B. is down 26 pounds!

R1P2D33…thanks to all your help and encouragement, I’ve lost 26 and very happy about it! Hope to lose 30 by the end of P2 at 40 days! Amazing….30 lbs. in 40 days = AWESOME!

Katherine P. is down 31 pounds!

I am on R2P2D16 I have lost 123 sticks of butter!!! 31lbs! :-)

Jo H. is down 20 pounds!

R2P2D15 ~~~ I have lost 4 5lb bags of potatoes!

Melinda L. is losing weight and feeling great!

OMG! I am TOTALLY loving the energy i have! R2P2D5 down a little over 5#s
Cant wait to see the loss tomorrow!

Tara H – down 23.5 lbs.

R1P2D33 – down 23.5 lbs. Hoping to hit 30 lbs by Day 40, but 25 was my mini goal so I’m a happy girl regardless!

Lori G- Down 13 lbs

Down 13 lbs my first week!

Jessica S – 14 pounds :)

R1P2D9 14 pounds :) 16 more to go till my goal weight!!!

Amanda J. is down 24 pounds!!

OMGOODNESSSSS!! 24lbs down on r1p2d12..

Melinda L: Down another 2 pounds!!

Whoot, whoot!!! Down right at 2# this morning. Now I remember WHY I LOVE this diet!!! Lata’ peeps!!!

Kristen F: Down 17.8 pounds!!!

R1P2D13 –Down 17.8 pounds! YEAH! Hoping I can reach that 30 pound goal by day 21.

Laura C. lost 7 pound in 7 days!

R1P1D8 down 7 pounds in 7 days.. i’m thrilled for my first week..

Cindy J is down 8.2 pounds and doing great!!

R1P1D6 down 8.2lbs!!! Loving this!! :)

Lee is doing excellent in Phase 3!!

R1P3D11 – .5 lbs below LDW.

Donna H. is down 40 pounds!

I have HAPPY HAPPY news today! I have hit the 40 lb mark on my weight loss!! woop woop!! ~*~*doin alil HAPPY dance~*~* so excited! (this is my 2nd round of LHCG) 211 down to 171 this morning!! now on lose my next 30 lbs by February (my b-day month)!

Kai S. is down 8 pounds!

R1P2D9 -8 lbs gone…. I’ve lost 8lbs in 8 days… May not be as much as others but its enough for me… Losing a pound a day keeps the doctor away… Lol I’m so thankful for this lost….

Julie M. is down 10.4 pounds!

R1P2D9 down 10.4 SO EXCITED! TOM arrived this morning. Lost 1.8 over night!! For the last 3 days I’ve been drinking 2 tbspn ACV in my water(s). Drinking all my water and watching the sodium. Going to see if this stops the stall from TOM. If not, no big it will be over soon! I’m very happy with HCG weight loss, just what the doctor or homeopath ordered!!! :)

Shantel N. is donw 12.4 pounds

R2P2D7 down 12.4 pounds!

Brandy D. is down 47.5

SO… today I have much better news about weight!! i am down ANOTHER 1.1 pounds and am at 251.5… down 47.5 pounds in two rounds… and I am lovin it! my 20s are startin to get loose…yay.. about 10 more pounds and ill be an 18 all the time… i am so stoked!

Cyndi M. is down 11 pounds!

Friday I weighed in before work and weighed in again on Monday morning. DOWN 11 POUNDS! HCG has been wonderful to me!

Heather C. is down 52.2 pounds!

R2P2D11 – Down 1.8 this morning! Was so excited to see that after only a .2 loss yesterday. Total loss 52.2 lbs woot! Only 7.8 pounds to go till my first main goal under 200!

Cecily K. is down 10.5 pounds!

YEA, 9 DAYS AND 10 1/2 POUNDS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angeie Z. went from a size 18 to a size 4 with HCG!!!

HCG changed my life. I honestly don’t care what anyone says about it, the negativity. The fact is, doctors across the country tried everything and every drug and every programme to help me, but nothing helped. I found HCG and I went from a size 18 to a size 4. I can run now, exercise, and look damn fine in a mini dress. It changed my health, my body, my marriage, and it made me love me again. Thanks HCG.

Jessica S. is down 12.2 pounds

R1P2D6 down 12.2 pounds :)

Darbi H. is down 10 pant sizes!

I tried on my wedding dress that Im wearing next july its actually my grad dress that im getting altered In may i couldnt even attempt to put it on and although its not perfect yet im almost there and Im soo freakin happy im down 95lbs and Im down 10 pants sizes OMG i lovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee HCG and I will never stop being healthy I love it ♥ ♥ ♥

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