New Plateau Breaker: Cantaloupe Correction Day!

12 September, 2011

Melons have been left off of the approved food list for various reasons, but after doing some research and testing we have found that using cantaloupe as a plateau breaker has been very effective. Originally developed by Sonia E. Russel, a licensed nurse that has written multiple books on the HCG diet, the Cantaloupe Correction Day is successful because, eating the cantaloupe can assist your body in pulling water out of fat cells.

This is how the Cantaloupe Day works:

Eat your normal 500 calorie diet saving 1 fruit serving for the cantaloupe. At bedtime eat ½ a medium sized cantaloupe (make sure it is fresh and you cut it up yourself) with a full glass of water. Do this right before lying down to sleep.

We recommend doing this plateau breaker if you have stalled for 4 days or more. It is an alternative to the apple day. If you don’t see results with it and you have stalled for 6-7 days, then we would recommend a mini-steak day. This just gives you another option. Health coaches are available to help at 800-980-7208.

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7 thoughts on “New Plateau Breaker: Cantaloupe Correction Day!

    • Thanks to our customers who brought this to our attention. We did our research and testing before officially saying that we recommend it. You can do this all the time although it is designed mainly for phase 2. You can try it in phase 3 to replace a steak day as well.

  1. Will be trying this tonite!!! Thank you so much for keeping us all in the KNOW.. you guys are awesome <3

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