The Ups and Downs of Weighing Yourself Daily

4 February, 2010
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Ok, Liquid HCG Diet troops…listen up. You are all doing fantastic at helping each other out and sharing your success, questions and personal experiences of losing weight with the hcg diet on our hcg diet facebook page. Keep it up! It is, however, time to address a growing number of posts where people are concerned because their daily weight increased a pound compared to yesterday’s weight. Sound familiar? ;)

Here is an example:  Jillian (made up name) has been on the liquid hcg diet for one week and has lost 8.5 pounds so far.  She is doing great right?  She has weighed herself every day and sees around a pound to a pound and a half loss every day.  Then on day 8 she suddenly is 2 pounds heavier than the day before.  Disaster?  Catastrophe?  Has the diet failed her?  Has she touched a hand rail that someone else touched three hours before who had lotion on their hands?  ;)   We are getting extreme here but we are seeing these kinds of concerns.  No Jillian is not off track and the diet is still working.  Here’s why.

When you weigh yourself every day you are expecting the impossible to think that your body is going to lose weight day in and day out week after week.  Losing weight just doesn’t happen that way.  You body metabolizes your excess fat in different degrees depending on what you ate, how much sleep you got the night before, what kind of stress you are feeling, how much you drank, and many other factors.  It is natural for the body to shed the weight unevenly.  This is why many diet consultants recommend only weighing yourself once a week…hmmm, but do you really want to wait a week?  Probably not!  Here is why.

The Liquid HCG Diet is simply an amazing tool to quickly losing weight.  We really are not kidding when we tell people they can lose around a pound a day.  It really isn’t just a sales pitch or one more diet cliche.  That said, our clients love to jump on the scale every day because the results are happening so quickly. We only ask that you step back on days where you stay the same or even gain and don’t get discouraged. Remember how many pounds you are averaging over the last week? Have you lost 5 pounds, 7 pounds, 10 pounds over the last week? Why beat yourself up when all of a sudden you go 3 days without losing anything? Your average weekly weight loss is still amazing!

How Much Does Water Weigh?

Know the answer?  A gallon of water weighs a little over 8 pounds.  8.35 pounds to be exact – thanks Wiki ;)   Now how much water are human beings made up of?  2/3 of your body is made up of water!  If you weigh 160 pounds then that means you are 106 pounds of pure water or a little under 13 gallons!  Did you know that NASCAR drivers can lose 10 pounds during a single race?  Why?  There is no way they can drink enough to replenish the water they are losing during a race.  Now let’s get back to you standing on the scale and are seeing that you didn’t lose that pound you were hoping for.  Please don’t beat yourself up.  Your body is still in losing mode.  The HCG is still working and doing its thing.  The most likely answer is that your body decided to store just 1% of its water more than it did yesterday.  Maybe you had a little too much salt, maybe your body just decided to hang on to that extra water.  The real thing to remember is that the Liquid HCG Diet is not about losing water weight, it is about burning unwanted excess fat!!! And that is still happening even when you hold on to a pound or two of water compared to the day before.

As you go up to 40 days on the low calorie portion of the hcg diet your body will lose amazing amounts of that fat.  It may decide some weeks to hold onto water more than others.  That is ok.  Just remember that no matter what the scale says on a single day you are still losing fat, losing inches, and making a better you.  :)   Dr. Humble and his team are just loving seeing all the results and hearing from all of you how this wonderful diet is changing so many of your lives for the better.  Thank you for letting us help you to help yourself reach your weight goals.  Keep going and we look forward to hearing from you!  If you are still concerned after going a few days of not losing weight we are here for you to answer questions and help keep you on track to reaching your weight goals.  Just post on our facebook page and we will help.  You will get to that weight goal!

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One thought on “The Ups and Downs of Weighing Yourself Daily

  1. I have lost 14 pounds in 17 days. Very happy. My attitude towards food is really changing. I think that will benifit me later in the maint. phase.

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