What is a Steak Day?

21 March, 2011

There are actually two different types of steak days.  The phase 2, mini-steak day and the phase 3 steak day. 

  • A mini-steak day is recommended if you have stalled for over 5-6 days, and already tried an apple day with no success.  On a mini-steak day drink water, coffee and tea when you want and in whatever quantity you want, but do NOT eat anything until dinner.  For dinner you can have a 3.5 ounce steak with either an apple or tomato.  Make sure you continue to take your drops on a mini-steak day.  You will resume your normal 500-calories the following morning.
  • A phase 3 steak day is recommended if you are over 2 pounds from your phase 2 end weight.   This is performed the same as the mini-steak day.  Drink plenty of water, coffee and tea throughout the day and only eat dinner.  For dinner you should have a LARGE steak with either an apple or tomato.

Now, we say steak on a steak day because red meat feeds your muscles so well.  If you can’t have steak due to food allergy or if you are vegetarian, you can substitute another protein.  Just make sure you don’t eat until dinner and then have a protein of your choice with either an apple or tomato.  For phase 2 if you choose to do another protein increase it to 4 ounces and for phase 3 make sure it is a LARGE portion of protein.  Good luck and stay strong!

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