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What Is Yoli?

20 January, 2010
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There is not a day go by that someone doesn’t ask me about Yoli.  They want to know more about it and why I promote it with the Liquid HCG Diet.  The answer is simple!

 People love to drink beverages especially while on the HCG Diet. Unfortunately, most are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, fillers and other harmful ingredients, none of which are there for improving your health.

 Modern manufacturing processes require that liquid beverages be pasteurized, also called hot-filled, in order to increase shelf life. Unfortunately, in addition to preventing bacterial buildup, this boiling process also destroys the vast majority of active, healthy ingredients in the formulation.

The ingredients that are lucky enough to survive, deteriorate daily while sitting in liquid form. By separating the actual ingredients from the water until the moment you’re ready to consume your beverage.  Nutrients suspended in liquid, heat processed and chemically preserved are nutritionally dead. Caffeine, taurine and sugar are addictive and do not belong in nutritional supplements.

 Yoli eliminates all of the bad and locks in only the good ingredients.  It’s made with Vitamin C and some of the most popular ingredients of the day: Pomegranate, Alkaplex®, Acia extract, Gogi Berry, Resveratrol, Oxyphyte™ White Tea extract and Probiotics. 

 Best of all, there is No Sugar: they use Herbal Sweeteners (Stevia Reb-A & Xylitol), which have virtually ZERO calories, so you can drink it while on the HCG diet.

 In short, Yoli is extremely healthy for you, has no harmful preservatives, is packed with vitamins, nutrients probiotics and tastes great!  If you have a sugar craving while on the diet, it helps satisfy that too.

 For more information go to http://www.drhumble.com

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